Wednesday, January 19, 2011


its been a while since i last bought the CLEO magazine..rasenye last beli bln November aritu (issue no. 181)... skang ni tiap2 bln dok beli majalah Pa&Ma aje..ahaha..fokus pada hal2 bkaitan baby dulu (xbley bli mag byk2, nnt x terbaca!)..he he..kdg2 dah bli lama, tp 2 bln lps tu br 'ada masa' nak baca..hi hi hi ade je alasan.. =p

why i love CLEO magazine? most of the topics sgt mnarik + make sense..ada 1 topik ni pasal 'acting like a doormat' yg btol2 'membuka mata' aku...x ingat issue no. brp,  mag tu xde kat sini utk dirujuk/diquote fakta2 nye yg agak yg pasti lps je bc, i'm done being a doormat! ahaha..
Some of interesting topics (i find some of them very useful, some have nothing to do with me but still make sense coz these things do happens) :
sibling rivalry
why u will become ur mother (and why that's not such a bad 
good for her, not u (when your bestie has double standards)
single & loving it (the upside to being unattached)
time to speak up (no more bullying from your friend)
when u're not that into him (do you really love him & his 
   company, or are you with him because you're afraid of going solo)

lg 1, aku suke CLEO sbb brg2 yg dia promot kebyknnye trendy BUT affordable..aku pnah try bli mag marie claire, sgt x kena dgn jiwa aku n brg2 dlm mag tu pun tersgtla mahal! x seswai lgsung dgn gaya idop aku...itu la the first n last time aku bli marie claire..segmen 'Beauty Peek' yg plg aku suke sbb bley dpt byk tips especially psl make up...model2 iklan dlm mag ni pun byk membantu + inspires me when it comes to applying makeup =)

i end my post with interesting phrases i found in CLEO:
U KNOW U R A WOMAN a girl u used to go for the cutest guy a girl like u could a woman u'll go for the smartest guy a woman like u can find -"good looks cannot feed a family for long, but good brains never go out of style"

CLEO Malaysia:
Launched in 1995, CLEO shot to the top slot as Malaysia´s best-selling, English-language women´s title within three years. A friend and mentor to readers, CLEO is about confidence, naturalness, energy and fun. CLEO is Number One by making friends and staying friends with spirited young women, advising on fashion, beauty, health, sports, travel and lifestyle.

Positioning Statement: 
The must-read magazine for young, fun-loving, spirited Malaysian women who are always looking for ideas, ready to discover and wanting to learn.

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  1. samela kita!dulu cleo skrg pa&ma time pulak..
    tp kdg2 aku ttp beli 2-2

    klu tag review ni dkt editor board mag cleo tu..ntah2 bleh dpt free 1yr subscribtion.. ;)